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A day on the green can result in a sports injury for both professional and causal golfers. Even golfers who warm up properly and have a good technique can experience a nagging sports injury from time to time. It’s not uncommon for golfers to have some sort of back pain from playing this sport. The rotational stress of the swing puts pressure on the muscles and spine. Add the fact that many golfers spend many hours in a crouched stance repeating the same motion. This often leads to back muscle strain.

Tendinitis in the elbow or golfer’s elbow is another common golf injury. Repetitive motions, such as hitting golf balls, increases stress on the inner tendon. Tendinitis can also be cause by an improper swing motion. Rotator cuff injuries can be caused by an improper golf swing too along with overusing the arms. Golfers can also tear the ligaments in the knee while rotating the hip at the beginning of a swing.

The hip joint is similar to the rotator cuff. The golf swing involves a tremendous amount of twisting and pivoting movements. During the golf swing, the adductor muscle complex and gluteal muscles are stressed. It can results in muscle injuries and tears. As a matter of fact, Jack Nicklaus had to have a hip replacement due to injuries to his hip joint from professional play.

Foot and ankle injuries occur from playing golf. Throughout the golf swing, each foot must allow for more pronation. If a golfer loses balance during a swing, it may result in a foot fracture or ankle sprain. That’s why good swing mechanics and wearing quality golf shoes that fit well are important.  

Sports Injury Treatment for Fort Lauderdale Golfers

Dr. Tartack of Tartack Chiropractic & Wellness Center is your Fort Lauderdale sports chiropractor who specializes in chronic sports injuries, sports medicine and advanced pain management. Dr. Tartack takes a full medical history, performs a comprehensive exam and utilizes advanced imaging tools like MyoVision to diagnose the underlying cause of a golfer’s pain. A computerized spinal exam provides a visual display of any existing spinal subluxations. Once Dr. Tartack has an accurate diagnosis, he implements a multi-faceted treatment plan. Treatment may include spinal manipulations, cold laser treatments, Kinesio taping or safe manipulation under anesthesia. Each therapeutic treatment modality is designed to work synergistically for optimal patient outcome.

If you’re a golfer and have incurred a sports injury, turn to Tartack Chiropractic & Wellness Center for an effective treatment plan. We’ve helped hundreds of golfers get on the road to recovery and can help you too. Give us a call today at 954-764-4042.

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