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Dr. Jeffrey Tartack uses natural chiropractic methods to ease your pain, treat your auto accident injuries and help you recover from sports incidents. As a certified chiropractic sports physician, our Fort Lauderdale chiropractor, Dr. Tartack, delivers effective and lasting treatments for sports injury pain. If you or a family member is living with pain from exercise, a personal injury or following an auto accident, we encourage you to visit Tartack Chiropractic and Wellness Center to learn about our drug-free pain-relieving approach. Residents of Fort Lauderdale, Davie, and the nearby communities find easy access to both of our locations. Dr. Tartack divides his time between both centers to deliver his healing, chiropractic approach. 

Pain Management With our Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor

Pain interferes with your ability to enjoy life. It is something you are always aware of and making adjustments to avoid. Dr. Tartack wants to show you a way to live without pain. If you are suffering from chronic pain in your back, neck or joints, Dr. Tartack uses gentle chiropractic adjustments to position your spine and joints into a more comfortable alignment. As a result, your pain decreases, your flexibility improves and you are able to return to the activities you enjoy. Our pain management services are also effective for chronic conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Pain Relief With our Auto Accident Chiropractic Center

Auto accident injuries respond very well to gentle chiropractic care. If you are dealing with pain following an accident or have other symptoms such as dizziness, limited head-turning ability or fatigue, let Dr. Tartack examine you and deliver effective chiropractic care. Auto accident injuries such as whiplash, back pain, and shoulder pain are eased with our drug-free approach and you will feel an immediate reduction in pain when you visit our Fort Lauderdale auto accident chiropractic center.

Feel the Difference With our Sports Injury Chiropractor

Dr. Tartack is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. His methods are natural, non-invasive and without medication, so you recover without lingering side effects. Our sports injury chiropractor eases pain and limited mobility from muscle strains, concussions, joint injuries, back pain, runner's knee, tennis elbow and more. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a part-time fitness participant, injuries can happen. If you are injured, we invite you to visit Tartack Chiropractic and Wellness Center as soon as possible for an evaluation and treatment plan. Using chiropractic adjustments, kinesiology taping, rehabilitative exercises and nutritional support, Dr. Tartack provides a holistic approach to sports injury recovery.

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Dr. Tartack and the health group at Tartack Chiropractic and Wellness invite Fort Lauderdale and Davie residents to our healing center. Whether you need assistance recovering from an injury or dealing with chronic pain, Dr. Tartack has natural healing options to care for your injuries and improve your overall wellness. To learn more or to schedule your consultation, please call us today at 954-764-4042.

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