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Back To School: Backpack Safety Tips

Back To School: Backpack Safety Tips

Summer is coming to a close and a new school year is about to begin. Before you start your back-to-school shopping, make sure you know what type of backpack is best for your child’s posture and spinal health. Our chiropractic team has a few tips to share when it comes to backpack safety.

How to Pick the Perfect Backpack

Tip #1: Adjust the straps. Most backpacks are lightweight, but if the straps are too loose or too big, this may cause any added weight to be unevenly distributed. This causes strain on your child’s shoulder and back leading to pain and strain to the spine. Choose a backpack with wide, padded straps that are adjusted to accommodate your child’s frame.

Tip #2: Teach proper posture. Communicate with your child the right way to carry a backpack. While it might be easier to sling it over one shoulder, carrying a backpack with both shoulder straps on is far better for his or her posture and overall comfort level. Also, instruct your child to lift with the legs and not the back.

Tip #3: Do a test run. When your child is trying on backpacks, it can be tough to tell how heavy it will be when filled with books and other school necessities. Add items to your child’s backpack to test the weight of it. If it becomes too much to carry, decide which items will be most important day-to-day. It does not have to be stuffed full of supplies.

Tip #4: Talk to your chiropractor. Slumped shoulders and heavy strain on the back can cause problems for your child’s spine. We are happy to help guide our patients in backpack safety and how to prevent injury. We offer preventative care and corrective exercises to help create good habits and ensure overall health.

School days will soon be back in session. We want to see your child started off on the right foot. What is your child’s "must-have" for heading back to school?

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