Suffering From Frozen Shoulder in Fort Lauderdale?

Suffering From Frozen Shoulder in Fort Lauderdale?

You may be experiencing long-term pain in your shoulder that has been unresponsive to traditional treatments. There are a variety of painful conditions involving a build-up of scar tissue that greatly benefit from Manipulation Under Anesthesia Treatment (MUA) and frozen shoulder is one of them. If you have been suffering from chronic shoulder pain, our Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor is available to discuss MUA treatment with you and help you get relief.

Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder

man gripping at his shoulder in pain

If your shoulder joint is feeling painful and stiff, you may have frozen shoulder. This condition is also known as adhesive capsulitis and can result in long-standing chronic pain. Although the direct cause of your frozen shoulder may be idiopathic, meaning the cause is unknown, it occurs when the connective tissue that encapsulates the bones, tendons, and ligaments of your shoulder become tight and thick, resulting in pain associated with movement. It usually develops gradually but can hang on for months or even years. If left untreated, it becomes a chronic pain that requires increasingly intensive treatment.

Our Fort Launderdale chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Tartack, can determine if the pain in your shoulder is frozen shoulder or something else. He will then develop a course of treatment that is right for you. This may include chiropractic manipulation, strengthening exercises, or Manipulation Under Anesthesia Treatment.

Manipulation Under Anesthesia Treatment (MUA)

Manipulation Under Anesthesia Treatment occurs over three consecutive days. You will be mildly sedated but remain conscious during the procedure. Conscious sedation allows you to remain responsive during a procedure although you won't feel pain. It also enables our chiropractor to perform adjustments that go beyond the regular level of pain and resistance, resulting in more effective treatment. This intense spinal manipulation and therapy is considered a highly effective treatment that produces good results. MUA is the basis of your recovery; follow-up is equally important to help you heal completely. This may include cryo-therapy, muscle stimulation, exercises, and chiropractic adjustments as determined by our Fort Lauderdale chiropractor or your physician.

Will your pain from frozen shoulder just go away on its own?

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