Pokmon Go May be Causing Text Neck

Pokémon Go May be Causing Text Neck in Fort Lauderdale

The newest fad in device gaming known as Pokémon Go is addictive and socially fun. Unfortunately, all that looking is may be causing a real problem in your neck.

pokemon go causing text neck in Fort Lauderdale

What Causes Text Neck?

Perhaps you have already noticed the tension. It might come in the form of sore neck muscles, a headache or even aching elbows. Your head is too heavy to be supported by your neck in a downward looking position for long periods of time. The injury has most recently been known as “text neck,” but it is a problem that has been around for thousands of years. Reading, sewing, knitting, writing, drawing – any activity that requires looking down has placed a strain on the human neck and upper spinal cord.

While the diagnosis might sound light-hearted, text neck pain is no joke and should not be ignored. Your muscles need to be relaxed and your spine should be relieved of the tension that has been caused by increased strain. Without proper treatment, your small text neck problem could turn into a serious chronic pain issue.

Finding Solutions for Text Neck Pain

Chiropractic adjustment from your Fort Lauderdale chiropractic care team is one of the best solutions for natural pain relief, relaxation, and healing. Natural therapies are used to help your neck relax and reduce the effects that gravity has from you looking at your phone for too long. Additionally, we recommend our patients do a few simple things to reduce their text neck going forward:

Get in a Stretch – Gently roll your shoulders and tilt your head from side to side (ear to shoulder) between catches, battles, and Poké Stops.

Take Intentional Breaks - Take a few moments after every big catch to get a breath, connect with those around you and clear your mind.

Work at Eye Level – The downward tilt is what causes problems in your neck. Hold your device higher while playing, texting or browsing. Also, keep good posture (with your eyes facing straight ahead) when you work on your laptop or watch TV.

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