Back Injuries from Auto Accidents

Back Pain Injury & Chiropractic Care Can Help with Pain from Auto Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

At Tartack Chiropractic & Wellness Center, our goal is to treat your pain using chiropractic and complementary care methods instead of using drugs. If you hurt your back in an auto or workplace accident, or simply due to repetitive strain or overuse, we can help. We can also treat neck and back injuries and injuries to the knees. 

back pain injury from auto accident in Fort Lauderdale

Signs You Need to See Your Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor

Whether you have neck, back or knee injuries, it's important to know when the symptoms are mild enough to take the "rest and ice" approach and when to seek medical care. 

We encourage you to evaluate your pain level. If you ran a 5K and your knee feels stiff, it could be due to the race. A day's rest and ice might heal you. If your knee is throbbing, come to us. 

With neck or back pain, consider your mobility. If your neck is stiff from cradling your phone, a self-massage could help. If your neck muscles are so tight you can't turn your neck, it's time to come to us. 

General signs that you should visit a chiropractor for knee, back or neck injuries are decreased mobility, muscle spasms or weakness, and pain that does not clear after 1-2 days. 

Tartack Chiropractic & Wellness Center Can Provide You with Natural Pain Relief

We offer cold laser therapy treatments, which relieve soft tissue pain and decrease inflammation in a non-invasive manner. Cold laser particles are able to penetrate the skin and get into the affected muscle. By encouraging fresh blood circulation, the laser initiates recovery and healing. 

To heal musculoskeletal injuries, we perform chiropractic adjustments. These realign the joints and bones in your neck, knee, or back. As we bring your spine back into alignment, we reduce inflammation and promote a strong nervous system. This means faster healing for all injuries. 

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