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Avoiding Back Pain During Holiday Travel

Avoiding Back Pain During Holiday Travel

Back pain while traveling Fort Lauderdale chiropractor

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means millions of people will be traveling to visit friends and family across the country. If you have traveling in your holiday plans, take advantage of these tips to make sure you avoid back pain during your journey.

Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor Advises on Pain-Free Travel

Sometimes the smallest actions can have the biggest results. Try these tips to keep your back free of pain during holiday travels.

  1. Bring your own lumbar support. Don't rely on car or airplane seats having the correct support for your back. A lumbar support pillow can keep your back from hurting on a long trip. If you don't have a specialized pillow, roll up a sweater, hoodie or blanket, and use it to provide support for your lower back.
  2. Use a backpack as a carryon bag instead of one that hangs on one shoulder. Distributing the weight evenly across your shoulders and back will help to prevent a strain on your spinal column.
  3. Keep moving. If you're driving, make frequent stops to get out and walk around. On a plane, lift your legs up and down, get up and walk the aisles or massage your heels.
  4. Check your posture, no matter where you're sitting. Avoid slumping sideways in your seat, as it causes your spine to move out of alignment.
  5. Avoid those commercial C-shaped travel pillows. They push your head too far forward. If you want a travel pillow, choose one that allows your head and spine to align correctly.

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At Tartack Chiropractic & Wellness Center, your spine health is our first concern. If you find you're having spinal problems after traveling over the holidays, call our office to make an appointment for an evaluation. Our Fort Lauderdale office will be open weekdays during the holidays, and you can contact us at 954-715-2266.

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