5 Common Injuries for Runners

5 Common Injuries for Runners From Our Fort Lauderdale Chriopractor

Runners are dedicated people, but there are a few common injuries that can sideline them into temporarily abandoning their routine. Running is a high impact sport that places significant stress on the body, particularly the joints and spine, leaving you open to overuse and repetitive stress injuries. To answer the health needs of runners, our sports chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale, provides natural, holistic chiropractic care, helping runners get quickly back to the sport they love.

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Runner Injuries that Benefit from Chiropractic Care in Fort Lauderdale

Our sports chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale and Davie treats all of the following running related sports injuries and more:

  1. Runner’s Knee - Knee injury and pain in the inner and outer knee areas is very common among Fort Lauderdale runners. These knee injuries can occur due to improper form, pronation or supination problems with the running gait, insufficient foot support and more.
  2. Lower Back Pain - Running-related back pain often results from a combination of issues including tight lower back and hamstrings, lack of core strength, muscular imbalance, rotational subluxation (vertebral misalignment) and even leg length discrepancy (LLD).
  3. IT Band Syndrome - Runners often strain the iliotibial band, which travels along the outer, upper leg from the hip bone to the outer side of your knee. 
  4. Piriformis Syndrome - Pain in the gluteal area occurs in runners due to muscle spasms, irritation and/or compression of the sciatic nerve.
  5. Patellar Tendon Injury - Lack of quadriceps flexibility increases tension on the patellar tendon, causing tiny tears and swelling.

Other running injuries include shin splints, sprained ankles, plantar fasciitis and more. Runner’s injuries respond well to a personalized chiropractic treatment plan for pain relief that may include: chiropractic adjustment, corrective exercise, massage, physical therapy, custom orthotics and more. Prevent future injury by keeping your body in proper alignment--through regularly-scheduled chiropractic care.

Get Expert Sports Chiropractic Care in Fort Lauderdale

A strong, properly aligned body resists injury, that’s why so many runners turn to their local sports chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale for a chiropractic adjustment, pain relief, pain management, injury rehab, and prevention. Contact our local Davie and Fort Lauderdale chiropractor, Tartack Chiropractic & Wellness Center, at 954-764-4042 today.  

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