7 Most Common Sports Injuries & Treatments

7 Most Common Sports Injuries & Treatments From Our Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor

Anyone struggling with a sports injury may present with variable symptoms; no two injuries are exactly alike. That said, some of the most common injuries evaluated and treated by our Fort Lauderdale chiropractor include:7 most common sports injuries and treatments from your chiropractor in fort lauderdale

Muscle strain or tear

Virtually any muscle in your body--but especially in the rotator cuff (shoulder), quadriceps (front of thigh), or hamstring (back of thigh)--can become pulled or strained during sports. This may happen due to excessive load, a slip or fall, repetitive movement, and/or overuse.

Back pain - including neck pain, whiplash, disc herniation , nerve impingement

The demands of sport places a lot of tension on your spine and can lead to problems like spinal joint misalignments, disc herniations or bulges, or nerve impingement. These types of injuries can occur virtually anywhere in the spine, including the neck and low back. 

Medial and lateral epicondylitis (aka "golfer's elbow" or "tennis elbow", respectively)

Repetitive movement of the upper extremity can lead to inflammation and irritation to the structures on the inside or outside of your elbow. 

Knee ligament sprain

Commonly seen in soccer players, basketball players, and gymnasts, ACL and MCL ligament sprains or tears (often associated with a meniscus tear) can lead to a painful and unstable knee joint. 

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (aka "runner's knee")

Poor posture, over- or under-training, poor body mechanics, poor footwear, and abnormal arches can lead to inflammation and pain around the kneecap.

Achilles Tendonitis

Your Achilles tendon is located on the back of your lower leg and connects your calf muscle to the heel bone. If inflammation and injury occurs to the tendon, it can be difficult to bear weight. 

Plantar Fasciitis

This condition classically presents with pain in the heel and underside of your foot that's worse in the morning or after standing up for the first time in a while. It involves damage to the thick band of tissue that creates the arch of your foot, known as the plantar fascia. 

Chiropractic Care Can Heal Your Sports Injury

Our Fort Lauderdale chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Tartack, has spent the past 16 years helping athletes of all ages and skill levels recover from their injury, prevent injury, and maximize their physical potential. He's confident he can do the same for you. Some of the most common sports injury services he provides include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments - which help realign the spine, reduce pressure on spinal nerves, relieve pain, restore mobility, and "reset" the central nervous system
  • Cold laser therapy - which reduce inflammation and promote tissue healing and increased local blood flow
  • Custom foot orthotics - which support and improve the alignment of your ankles, knees, and hips
  • Kinesio taping - which assists the lymphatic drainage system in reduction of inflammation, pain, and swelling 

Contact Tartack Chiropractic & Wellness Center Now for Drug-Free, All Natural Treatment

At Tartack Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we're proud to be area leaders in sports injury rehabilitation and drug-free pain management. We know that a sports injury can drag you down physically and mentally. That's why we're here to offer you the drug-free, non-invasive, and all natural chiropractic care you're looking for. To schedule an appointment with a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale today, call 954-764-4042.

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